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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Videoblogging Week 2007 Day Five -- Little Dumplings

Not pierogies, this time, but good ol' Asian potstickers. Dumpling Man serves hot, fresh seared dumplings in pork, chicken, shrimp and veggie varieties, and even throws in some desert flavors, as well. At about 80 cents a dumpling, it doesn't get cheaper than this. I was full after four (but then again, I had just eaten a plate of pierogis, a bowl of soup and a mozzarepa).

Dumplings: There is no substitute.

Toward the end of this video there is a glorious NYC moment. A Thank-God-I-Carry-a-Camera moment. The kind of whackiness you always hope to see downtown that is hard to come by these days. A little reminder of what New York City once was and, I'm afraid, may never be again.

Shook-Russo Quartet Featuring Greg Gisbert

Download "Finger Food" (mp3)
from "Shook-Russo Quartet Featuring Greg Gisbert"
by The Shook-Russo Quartet
Summit Records

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