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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Porn/Art 2: The Transformation (NSFW)

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*Not Safe For Work...unless your work involves answering Penthouse Letters**

The long-awaited sequel to Porn/Art 1. Hey, fine art takes time, you know! There are four reasonably explicit pornographic images in this video, so Elaine and Megan, don't prop your kids in front of this one. Again, naughty bits have been blacked out, but still, the gist is still there in full porny force.

Some notes about Brian's drawings: firstly, they were difficult for me to photograph correctly. They are pencil on white paper so getting in all the delicate shading*** while avoiding shadows was tough. Also, I didn't realize until after we shot all the footage and stills of the work that I had focused so much on the forms themselves that I missed their relation to the remainder of the space. These images gently float off-center on large amounts of negative background space. I don't think I got that across properly. Sorry about that, Baby.

I really like the three-dimensional quality he's added, and I like the well-placed stars. Most of all I enjoy how de-porned the images became, which was, of course, the entire point. Of these four I have chosen my favorite (the one with two chicks), as well as my least favorite. Can you guess which one that is and why? (hint: remember I just said how I liked how "un-porned" they got?)

***EDIT 3/14/07***Brian would like to correct me here: it was not "shading" that was the issue, it was the "line quality". As you can see, I never took drawing.

For my next post, bread baking!

What, you were expecting more porn? Haven't you had enough?

Put On Your Tight Pants
The Soda Pop Kids
Full Breach Kick Records
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