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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Click here for snowy Flash video

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SNOW DAY!! Winter wonderland, indeed! It's overwhelming! It has been snowing non-stop since last night and we've got tons of snow on the ground. It's hard to say how deep it is because giant drifts have been blown all over the place but it must be at least two feet. And now that Main Street has been plowed, there are huge piles of snow rimming the sidewalks as well. The few sidewalks we have a totally buried. Very few people have shoveled (why bother, it's still snowing!) so you have to walk right up the main road. No cars to worry about--only a fool would be out driving in this. I don't think I've ever been in a storm this big outside the city. It's so gorgeous and this charming one-stop-light town looks like a vintage postcard!

(and actually, we don't even have a stop light, just a lone yellow caution light. It makes an appearance in the video)

My vacation got extended by five days and I dread leaving. Winter in the city stinks! When it snows it's really lovely for about three hours then everything gets frozen and filthy and sooty and filled with garbage. When it finally melts there are newly freed piles of trash floating around. Blecch...but this?

This is Winter Heaven.

Admittedly, a shovel would be nice.
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