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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Patients? Zero.

A funny thing happened this past weekend: we didn't have any patients admitted on our tour. Quite literally the calm before the storm. No babies born. No one in labor. Just empty rooms. This doesn't happen all that often, so when it does, we react the way any other normal adult professionals would if they were in our place. We hold raucous sing-alongs, careen down the hallways on anything with wheels and eat like crazy. Then there's more singing, of course, some dancing and then some more hall-surfing. Wackiness ensues.

I gripe about my job a lot. I've said many times that "I love the work, but I hate the job" and that still holds true to an extent. The work is fascinating and--on a good day--rewarding as all heck, but the politics of nursing can really, really really get me down. Two things make it bearable: those glimmers of good days where I feel like I'm truly helping my patients, and the strong, funny and goofy women I work with. There's a handful of them in this video, but there are many more. Sure, we have our bad apples like anyplace else, but most of them are sweet and funny and intelligent and kind and caring...and some sing a mean baritone, to boot.
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