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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You have 'till May 21st to vote!

Head on over to the Vlog Deathmatch and vote! Quite a delectable video buffet happening, there. There are retro remakes, visits to far away lands, animated techno, a public display of punk rock, crooning classics, subtle New Wave Bush-bashing, a (very) tall glass of EuroSmooth, artness, and old-skool rappin'. But before you fall prey to her track-suit stylin', note that trash-talking Irina character has called you OUT! You got served! You, readers and watchers of MMMofM , you! Are you going to let her talk to you like that? Verily I say unto you no, bi-carbonate of soda--no! Protest with your vote (that is to say, vote for me. Duh.)!

Oh, who am I kidding. MC Slutsky is a lock, and deservedly so.

But vote for me anyway. I don't expect to win, I just don't want to come in last.

I went the classic '80s MTV writhing-chick route, the product of some sort of mid-30's crisis.* Think Samanatha Fox without the back-up dancers. BigB was such a good sport. He was somewhat concerned that neighbors would witness our shooting PG-13 video in our driveway and in the cow pasture next door. It's a small town, smaller than Mayberry, even, and we don't want to get a reputation for filming naughty video while trespassing. People might talk. And you can't imagine how hot the hood of that truck was...

Putting this together was much harder than I expected. I knew I wanted to use the original videos (thanks Tommy and Joan!) and a special guest star, but lining up the guitar riffs and drum beats was a biotch. Never again. I echo BigB's sentiment (come on, sing it with me!) "Crimson and Clover...Thank God it's over!"

...until the next deathmatch, anyway...

*What? You know I'm technically not in my mid-30's anymore? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nitpicker. Whatever. Shut up.
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