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Sunday, September 17, 2006

That b$%@# is crazy!

You may already be familiar with my neighbor. Well, she's at it again. I found the strength to open my front door a crack and record her in stereo from the hallway. Yikes.

No videos starring me or my honey of late, I know. Why? Because we are miserably heartbroken and I see little point in documenting our sorrow for posterity. The "buying a house" deal has utterly fallen through ("Thanks US Government! You are the suckiest suck who ever sucked!"), my Maisie's health is on the wane, 9/11 is a perennial emotional doozy, a dearly departed friend's birthday just past and her absence is keenly felt and my childhood home is up for sale.

It's hard to vlog when everything is so crappy. In the meanwhile, enjoy the upcoming short string of food porn, New York City scenes and dog videos.

I'm just not feeling like myself. Actually, she sounds like I feel.
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