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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Main Street, USA!

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Since the city finally cooled to 89 degrees, I felt I could venture out of the house for a much-desired special snack. Bahn Mi is my most favorite sandwich, and I've been thinking about them nonstop since Nathan Miller's announcement that he would be travelling in Vietnam for two weeks in August. When I was toodling around Vietnam in 2001, I ate them every day. The crunchy, salty, sweet, spicy, savory combination of pork, daikon, pork, cucumber, pork, carrots, pork, cilantro, pork and hot peppers on a fresh baguette is pure sandwich heaven! A 40 minute subway ride is a small price to pay to enjoy such riches!

There are fine Bahn Mi to be had in the not-so-nearby section of Queens known as Flushing. It's an incredibly large and ethnically diverse neighborhood--Chinese, Korean, South Asian, SE Asian, Philipino and Latin Americans are all represented there. Flushing's Chinese population apparently surpasses that of Chinatown.

When some people hear the phrase "Main Street, USA", it evokes a quaint avenue that runs through the center of town, complete with a General Store, a Mom & Pop Cafe, and lined with big oak trees. Or maybe it makes them think of Disneyworld. When I hear "Main Street" my thoughts turn to Twice-Cooked Pork, DanDan Noodles, 24 Hour Korean Barbeque, outrageously cheap and fresh produce, refreshing and chewy Bubble Tea, and a whole mess of retail signage that I can't decipher. And, of course, Bahn Mi.

I love Main Street.

"South China Sea"
Steve Doctor
Courtesy of Podsafe Music Network!

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