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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Door

We're going to try something new today! People who don't use web-based or desktop video aggregators to view my posts have reported some difficulties; many folks don't have Quicktime. Let's see if this helps:

Click here or on the picture for the Quicktime version.

(ED:it used to say " Or click here for flash...but it totally isn't working...I'll try again later...I'm cranky...I was so excited about it...)

(Re-ED:It's later now. You can click here for a flash version at, where this video lives)

It's very short and not the least bit sweet.

Unfortunately, my neighbor is losing her mind. She either needs major meds or has decided not to refill the prescription she already has for whatever it is that ails her. This is a tiny snippet of what I've been treated to ove rthe last several months...usually it goes on for hours. And hours. And hours.

(please toss me a litttle feedback about this whole Flash-thingy...thanks)
(totally don't ain't working...)
(Yeah, go ahead and let me know about that Flash link...)
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