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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


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I never was a pot-girl. I always preferred booze. Still do. Cocktails have cool names and come in pretty colors and sometimes have little paper umbrellas in them! Ever see a paper umbrella sticking out of a spliff? I doubt it. I've never smoked tobacco, either, so back in the day (aka "College: The Early Years") it just made logical sense to smoke nothing at all, so I never picked it up. I have always considered myself lucky to have a non-addictive personality.

Some aren't so lucky.

sidenote: looking back at this footage (taken in a hotel room last week in Hudson, NY on our Great American House Search From Hell) I'm amazed that I had no reaction to My fiancee's decision to reach into the toilet and splash around. No squealing, no "eeeeeeeeeewww!!!", no nothing. Should I be concerned that I am so accepting of his personality quirks that his reaching into a hotel toilet seems to be such a typical Brian manoeuvre that I don't give it a second thought? Is that gross, or is that love?
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