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Monday, August 07, 2006

Random Wedding-Related Text Post #1

I'm just flabbergasted by this.

I actually get a kick out of Weddingbee nyc. I like that they're in New York and they have some terrific links to neat DIY projects and nifty cost-cutting ideas that I'm way too lazy to scout out myself. And I like that it's a friendly blog managed by real live ladies with no corporate agenda. We've all heard stories about well-intentioned, sensible women who start planning weddings and suddenly careen over the deep-end, but o' sweet cheeses! Trotting down to the post office to request that they cancel each and every stamp on each and every wedding invitation is a whole new brand of Super-Crazy. All for the trivial fear of...dare I even say it...smudging!?

(okay...I also understand that there is widespread worry regarding those chubby invitations getting caught in USPS sorting machinery...well, between the invitation, the RSVP card, the tissue paper between the invitation and the RSVP card, the SASE, the map, the local hotel list, the tissue paper between the map and the hotel list, the dried rose petals and the velvet bow tying it all together there is reason to worry! How about just an invitation and an RSVP? Mail the rest seperately! Sure, it would cost more in postage, but at least you could sleep at night knowing your expensive envelopes wouldn't get disembowled! The tissue paper is a real stumper for me. Is it in poor taste to have all those cards rubbing up against each other freely like they're in some kind of stationery orgy? And really, what's with the bow? Isn't holding all the papers together why envelopes were invented in the first place? I just don't get it.)

How does this happen? How have we created a whole generation of women hell-bent on this kind of perfection? It's an invitation! An envelope! I realize that it may be a relatively expensive envelope, as far as envelopes go, but hey--no one held a pistol to your head and forced you to buy them. It's not like the recipient is going to reach into their mailbox, look at the machine-cancelled stamp and shudder
"Oh, God, no. They seemed like such nice people, it's too bad I can't attend their wedding. This invite is just too smudgy."
I guess what I'm really asking is not "How does this happen" but rather, "Will it happen to me?"
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