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Friday, June 16, 2006

Vloggeron Noteable Quoteables

Vloggercon Noteable Quotables

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I've been home for four days now and I'm STILL riding out my Vloggercon "high"...I just can't shake it. It was just that fabulous. It was so overwhelming and I met so many fantastic, creative & passionate people and I learned so much. And I met all the vlogmen that I've been crushing on for ages! Y'all know who you are.** Although I was so excited to go, I was a little bit nervous right up until the last minute. What a strange opportunity: to finally meet people you feel you already know! Do you run up and hug them ? (yes) Do you gush about how much you love their work? (yes, although I got all shy and forgot to do this 80% of the time) I was quite comforted (and slightly surprised) to find that everyone was exactly as I expected. Everyone I met in the Videoblogging community is representing themselves as-is. No cover-ups. No nasty surprises. I wish all folks deported themselves with such honesty.

Ironically, I didn't do all that much videotaping! I didn't even take nearly as many stills as I should have--I was far too busy soaking it all in. I did manage to capture some moments from a few of the sessions I attended, and a small sample of those can be seen here. Jay Dedman, Jan McLaughlin, Dave Toole, Ryanne Hodson, Linda, Bev Sykes, Josh Leo, Dave Huth, Susan Kitchens, Jennifer Myronuk, Jen Simmons and Juan Antonio del Rosario are all here. For me, the whole point of Vloggercon was summed up by Jay in three little're supposed to go watch the video now to find out what they are.

The Vloggercon karaoke video is another animal altogether...and it's coming tomorrow...

**ok, so, if you don't know, that would be Josh, Dave, Anthony, Carl, Josh, Chris, Jay and Chuck and yes: I am fully aware that most if not all of you are spoken for. I'm not a tramp...I just really think y'all are the coolest and cutest dudes around...and that's just the GUYS!! We'd be here all day if I had to list all my gay crushes, too!

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