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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Care Package

Soy Jerky Good!

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Care packages rock. There's nothing better than receiving an unexpected box in a plain brown wrapper...especially ifyou open it and find a whole mess of snacks! I have really cool friends.

A brief update: Brian's hand is doing just fine. The man has mutant healing abilities. We're pretty much done making our little apt. functionable. Hot water, fans, a/c, stove and fridge are all now in working order. The perimeter is more or less secure--or, at least, it's as secure as it's going to get for now. All spare entry points to the house have been closed off to anything larger than a cat, and the fence is very nearly finished. I feel a lot safer all around. Lonely and bored (Brian is out of town for a few days), but safer.

"05-Harmonie-Chaos" by Vincent Bergeron
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