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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A View From The Bridge

A View From The Bridge

you can click here to watch the video, too, if you are so inclined!

I've been out of sorts, lately, and haven't been able to post anything these last several days. After finishing up a long run of night shifts I took the train to DC Friday first thing in the morning to attend my honey's art opening at the Arts Club of Washington (there'll be video on that experience later), then he drove us back to New York that very same night. Saturday was spent preparing for his zillion mile non-stop drive to New Orleans in his 10 mi/gal pick-up with both the pets, and Sunday marked the start of the drive--a rage-inducing, hellishly frustrating experience due to a near-complete inability to escape from New York because of the 2006 Five Boro Bike Tour. To add to the fun, Maisie always throws up all over the car when they reach a certain part of Central Jersey. Poor man arrived pretty much just in time to pick me up from the airport. The house is in a state I can't begin to describe** and we're both freaked out, exhausted, cash poor and on the verge of twin nervous breakdowns. (there'll be video on that experience, as well.) And it's HOT! Like Africa Hot. And it's only May 9th. This worries me greatly.

Excuses, excuses. Enough, already. This is the footage I took on my last shift at work. The view is lovely (although the windows could sure use a washing) and it's a nice place to take in a New York sunrise. I think I'll be watching this video on auto-repeat during my stay here in New Orleans. This place has already shoved me over the edge and I've only been here 10 hours.

**Not like an "As seen on CNN-hole cut through the roof for an escape hatch-eight feet of water-destroyed by flood-Category 5" kind of state, but still, really, really f*#&ing difficult state. When complaining about the house in New Orleans I try and maintain some perspective. At least the house is still here.

You know when your haircut grows out and it's in that in-between stage? This house is in an in-between stage. It's like "house puberty" in here. This house is as disheveled, dirty, broken and confused as a twelve-year-old boy. But there is DSL. Thanks God for small miracles.
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