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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Videoblogging Week #3--LR5

<------Click there or here. Videoblogging Week barrels into Wednesday! This will be my "cheat" day. I dip into my small I Hate This Video and Therefore Never Posted It vault to bring you a brief tour of the hospital unit where I work. I hate this video because it reveals my big secret: I have a seperate "Labor & Delivery Voice". It's that awful sing-songy, kindergarten teacher, ever-so-slightly-patronizing nurse voice. Since I filmed this, I have nipped it in the bud. If I was a patient and someone came at me with that voice I'd kick her.

Behold the bright lights, sharp objects and bad artwork that make up Labor Room 5! And every other labor room we have on the floor...and probably every labor room in the country. This video features the font Comic Sans in honor of TinaPoPo, because she absolutely loathes it. Does it fit into the Year of Vlogging Dangerously theme? Oddly, yeah, because I'm sooooo not supposed to film anything at my job.

...and I ain't going to feel bad about not posting a new video today. There's always tomorrow. And Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday. This video project is taking place during a week when I have a three-shift run, and I'm in charge tonight as well. I've actually never posted anything on days when I'm working, because my "day" is something like 3 hours long (I'm awake from 2:30pm then head to work at 6). So Videoblogging Week has taught me a big lesson: Vlogging on work days not the complete impossibility I thought it was--but it's not easy, either. Partly because there's only so many hours in a day and frequently life is for living, not filming, and partly because my camera is not small enough to cart around with me all day and capture video willy-nilly...but that is currrently being rectified. I loves me ebay.

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