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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Love is a battlefield.

After a nice dinner out (soba noodle soup with chicken dumplings) at the new Tibetan restaurant in my neighborhood my boyfriend and I got into one of our typical, silly, post-food-coma-type conversations. Actually, conversations like this have been known to crop up without the benefit of a hearty meal. I just needed a lead-in.

BigB: Honey, what does love look like?
I never know quite where to go with questions like this. Surely there's no right answer, so why stir up trouble? And anyway, BigB kids around so much that it's nearly impossible to tell whether or not he's sincerely asking or whether he's full of doo-doo. I go with the assumption that he's really wondering what I think.

missb: if love were corporeal object? I guess...warm. It would be warm. Soft. Generous. Comforting. Lightweight. Maybe a little a tribble.
This is where I feel I lost a little ground. Also, he looked at me kind of funny. So I added:

missb: ...or a bunny!
Problem solved! Now instead of equating our most powerful human emotion with a furry housepet with a reputation for uncontrollable breeding found on the DSS K-7, I've sidestepped to equating it with a furry housepet with a reputation for uncontrollable breeding that can be found at PetCo for $8.99. Nice. This is why I sometimes cringe at questions like these. It's not the questions that bother me--it's my answers that freak me out. But then, in true BigB fashion, he responds with this:

BigB: A bunny? That's retarded. If love were an object it would be a leather jacket! You know, it would fit nice, with a little give. You'd get to break it in. Smells good.
Well, that made ME feel a whole lot better, that's for damn sure. I'll admit that "tribble" wasn't the best possible answer, but I was sort of put on the spot. He had a whole extra minute-and-a-half to think about it (assuming he hadn't been carrying this bit of wisdom around since his teen years)...and he came up with "leather jacket"? He insists that his answer is more rational. I'm sticking to "Love is like a tribble". Is this just some sort of Men Are From Mars/Women Are From Venus-type thing? Or, in our case, more like Men Are From Wilsons Leather/Women Are From PetCo?

I'm throwing this one out there for your opinions. Consider this an official poll.

Do you feel that love is


c. You're Both Crazy.

Please vote early and often.
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