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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A missbhavens Christmas

Happy Holidays! Click on the photo to the left or here for a 3-minute tour of how I spent Christmas this year, if you're not too Christmased-out yet.

Christmas eve was spent in Ivyland with my best friend and her delightful family. Ivyland is the kind of town I always dreamt of living in: quaint, friendly and charming. Even the name is adorable. On Christmas eve all the houses in town light paper lanterns along the curb. There are twinkly lights as far as the eye can see up every street; the effect is absolutely magical.

I enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner at my Mom's house. A roast, "menage-a-trois" potatoes and yorkshire puddings, which are sort of like a popover that you get to pour gravy all over. They are my favorite Christmas treat. My Mom ("Mambo") and her husband ("Papa Ian") are both terrific cooks. To top it all off, we had plum pudding for desert with hard sauce. Delicious. The abundance of puddings led to some pudding confusion as you will see. After champage with appetizers, wine with dinner, port with desert and all that hard sauce, it should surprise no one that the night ended with us all bursting into song. First the wrong song, then a song to which none of us really knew the lyrics. A good time was had my all.

Not one but TWO fun-filled evenings with family & friends? Best Christmas present I ever got.

"Christmastime is Here"
Vince Guaraldi Trio
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Fantasy Records 1965/1992
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