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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Click on the picture of...whatever the hell that is...or here for a Quick Time clip of this year's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. Three hours of entertainment whittled down to 2.4 minutes. Note: there's a weird minute long dead screen at the end of the video, I don't know why. After the final credit there's a whole lot of nothing. Ignore it.

It's one of the city's best parades (particularly to those of us who never completely grew up), complete with marching bands, fancy floats, giant balloons, (semi)celebrities, and lots and lots of clowns. Way too many clowns, if you ask me. And am I the only one who didn't know that the NYPD had a marching band? They rocked!

The parade is always a packed house, so you have to get there super early to snag good parade-watching real estate. We arrived at just before 7am; two hours before the starting time...and the parade started a mile uptown.

The parade is pretty lame on tv. They put too much focus on the endpoint at Macy's. Watching a parade means watching a parade pass by. Like in the song. There's no song called "When The Parade Gets To Al Roker And Everybody Lip-Synchs".

To feel like you were really there, watch this standing up with ice cubes in your shorts. Enjoy.
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