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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Carp Caviar

What is Carp Caviar? Well, I'd like to say "Click the Quick Time image above (or here) for further details" but in reality, it wouldn't help you out all that much. That shouldn't stop you from watching, however. Surely you have 45 seconds to spare? For some more in-depth information on Carp Caviar and its impending 2006 arrival, go visit the strange goings on at Bottom Union. There are several carpy promos for your viewing pleasure, ranging from the sublime to the disturbing. I have to say that my personal favorites are this one by Maximillian Video, this one by The Unholy Knight, of course this one by Dave Huth (I don't know how he makes such magic), and this one from pouringdown (even though it scares me a little) and this one by a real, not-exactly-live- virtual person...which is just plain bizzarre. Head's up: that one's sort of naked. Virtually. And I love the all-over-your-screen antics of this one by Nathan Miller over at Bicycle Sidewalk. Oh, and this clever one by mrmultiple2 uses an old late-night radio favorite from the Dr. Demento Days. For goodness' sake: I like them all--each one is weirder and more creative than the last. Grab yourself a cold beverage and watch them back-to-back! I guarantee you that it's better than whatever is on tv right now.

"Carp Caviar Lullaby (The Love Theme from Carp Caviar)"
by MC MissB
Appears Courtesy of BadAnger G.A./Anagram Recordings

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