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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Burgermeister" (or "Looking Foolish Doesn't Really Bother Me Much")

Click here or on the picture to view what could be my audition tape for the the triumphant return of WPIX's Dance Fever. 'Motion' needs me...maybe.*

This year after the holidays I did some sale surfing at Target. Doesn't everybody? When I go to Target it's an event. No aisle is left unexamined and I do not leave empty-handed. I have a love-hate relationship with superstores: I hate them because I think they are edging out the local Mom & Pops, they're eyesores, and they are part of what's turning my city into Everytown, USA. But, since I grew up without them (or malls, or Red Lobsters, Or Shoney's, or Denny's, or Friendly's) I find them wildly exotic. Some people come to New York to shop at Bloomingdale's, I can be seen running in the opposite direction in search of a Target.

Anyway, a few blocks from the Target is yet another rare treat: White Castle. With apologies to vegetarians everywhere, I have to say that I can't get enough of that mini-burger stuff. I eat them so infrequently (for obvious reasons) that when I finally do get my hands on one (or six) I find myself overcome with a joy that can best be expressed through the power of The Dance. Doesn't everybody? FYI: if you eat six cheeseburgers while dancing in your living room, you may later experience a severe form of gastric distress. Please don't try this at home.

Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
Welcome to Jamrock
Tuff Gong Records, 2005
Buy it and Move!

*UPDATE: When I wrote this, I was unaware that there actually is a new Dance Fever! Searching for information on 'Motion', the sexy, leotard-clad back-up dancers from the original led me to the shocking news that not only is there a new show, but it sports no 'Motion' and it is not hosted by Deney Terrio (who may or may not have killed his career by suing Merv Griffin for sexual harassment)but instead by Eric Neis! I'm speechless.
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