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Monday, November 21, 2005

A Subway Story: The Movie is in The Map

Click here or on the subway map to watch my Quick Time tale of travelling all across this great city of mine. Accidentally. Although I'm usually pretty good with navigating the subway system, construction and new lines has made getting around on the N,R,W & Q trains confusing. I've gone over the Manhattan Bridge by mistake before, and I'm not the only one: each time I've done it I've looked around the car and seen several people throw up their hands in frustration at noticing they are over water instead of underground.

Vera Cruz on Bedford Avenue is a nice place to stop and enjoy a margarita. Sno-Balls are a sticky treat that's terrific anytime! You just don't want to dress like one. Pork buns are one of my most favorite snacks. They are worth getting lost for.

Talking is a much faster way of getting a story out, hence this video. I was never a very good typist.
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