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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm known the world over for my patience.

No, I'm really not. But neither am I know for being too terribly impatient. I'm a little frustrated because I finally finished editing the footage from my recent stay in New Orleans (see an earlier posting for reasons why I found this task difficult) and now that the video is all nice and compressed, and uploaded to its host site--twice, in fact, but the second time was an accident because I thought the first time around it was interrupted by the cat sitting on the keyboard--but for whatever reason it's has not been assigned a link yet, and it's been nearly 19 hours. My other two went up without a hitch immediately, but not this one, I have no idea why and it's killing me. I just got home from work, it's 9AM and I have to be back there tonight at 7 so I really need to get some sleep but now I'm obsessed with posting this video. So much for this blog/vlog thing being a healthy form of expression for me: it's turned me into an obsessive lunatic a good deal sooner than I thought it would, and so damnned early in the morning, too!

I'm going to check one more time to see if it's there, and if it's not, I'm going to bed. I'll be sad, and likely have anxiety dreams about my little video forever lost in the internet ether never to be seen again, but I need my Z's.

Nope. Good night!
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