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Friday, November 04, 2005

Halloween: Part Two

After we were all dressed, we headed down to the Haunted House for a good scare. We made the attempt last year, but there was a line five people deep all the way around the block, so we were shut out. This year, due to overwhelming demand, they sold tickets in advance and Jenn's roomate gave her several for her birthday. This was awesome because it guaranteed us a timely entry, but was a bummer because since there were no lines there was no guaranteed Cast of Thousands hanging around in their costumes. Less to film for me. The theme for the house was "Nightmare", and they were not messing around. I enjoy a nice scary movie as much as the next person (more "Audition" and "Night of the Living Dead", less "Child's Play" and "Friday the 13th Part 12") but live-action, ankle-grabbing, creepfests aren't really my speed. Each room of the walk-through house contained a different nightmarish scene. Some were basic, like the little girl checking under her bed for monsters only to be dragged under in the end; and others were just...awful. The disturbing blood-soaked man in the corner slapping a 2x4 into his palm saying "Now, you wouldn't want to do that, no, that would be a bad thing." over and over and over comes to mind. Also, the teeny, black room they stuffed us into only to shovel dirt onto the low plexiglass ceiling giving us the feeling of what it means to be buried alive was damn unsettling. The whole thing left me pretty shaken, but I followed Jenn and Shannon through a jaunt through a dark maze that was also offered. They thought it would be funny to stay in the maze longer, pretend we were being chased and scare me some more even though they knew full well where the exit was. To Jenn and Shannon I say "Bite Me."

I learned some things about my camera that evening. a) it does decently outdoors with little light (there's a light on it someplace, but I haven't read the manual yet) and b) but not so well indoors with little light. That slo-mo of Jenn at Belly was not artsy flair, but rather an example of what filming in "Super Night Mode" looks like in a dimly lit bar. I kinda like it!

Click on the photo to watch... or here, if you prefer.

"Bela Lugosi's Dead"
"Press The Eject and Give Me The Tape"
Beggar's Banquet, 1982
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