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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Every year my friend Jenn and I go out on Halloween, and every year it's the same thing. We start getting excited around August, get really twitchy around Labor Day and downright squirrely by mid-October. But are we ever ready by sunset on the 31st? Do we ever really have a concrete plan? Not exactly, no. But it doesn't matter. We spend so much time getting ready that we don't get even leave her apartment until past nine, and now that we're over 24 we're pretty much ready to turn in by two-thirty. Putting on make-up and watching scary movies is half the fun, anyhow! Except this year for some reason we were watching an infomercial about avoiding blood clots.

Blood clots...that's Halloweenish, right? Anyway, at a certain point in the evening, I think my muse was getting irritated with me.

For some Quicktime fun click on the picture (or here) to watch hardcore (and slightly tipsy) trick-or-treaters prepare!

"Funtime" by D. Bowie & I.Pop
Performed by Iggy Pop
"The Idiot"
Virgin Records, 1977
Buy It!
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