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Sunday, February 04, 2007


or click here for the mpeg4 (mp4)

Right off the bat: while this video isn't actually pornographic and merely contains a discussion about porn, it's safe to say it isn't kid-friendly. There is a single pornographic image in the video, and it's got the girly bits blacked out. It's the one you see above. That's the only one, no extra nudie surprises within. If that one image is offensive to you, I'm sorry...and if you were hoping for more than one, I'm sorry about that, too. No dice.

My fiancee has turned from creating large-scale sculptural artwork back to drawing, and his current series involves lots and lots of porn that he culls from the internet. This doesn't bother me...well that's not entirely true.

On an unrelated note, there's all sorts of weirdness with the New Blogger and Feedburner. My feed is now screwy, so a mess of older videos recently got plopped into your feed readers, that's why. There's no fixing it that I know of, so if you've never seen that older stuff, enjoy!

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