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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stormy, storm, storm...

How cute is that little Snowman? More like a Snowpile with a hat, really, but still adorable!

In case you aren't local, or in case you are local but have been asleep for the last 16 hours, we got massively, seriously whopped with about two feet of snow overnight. There was so much snow that fell so quickly that when I headed home (three hours late since the oncoming day shift was all tied up with travel troubles) the snow on the ground was still white as...well...snow, even though it had been hours and hours. In New York City, you see, snow is only pretty for a brief spell before wheels, boots, exhaust and dogwhiz renders it unrecognizable as a natural phenomena. We got several extra hours of "pretty time". At late as dinnertime Sunday it was still pretty gorgeous in my neighborhood. Slippery and dangerous as all hell, but gorgeous.

So obviously I'm home from New Orleans; I've come home to a clean city, a clean apartment and an even cleaner new template! Is this not the best? Come on, it rocks! Most importantly it is oh, so very "me". One of these days I'll video the rest of the apartment (you've already seen the bathroom) so you can see just how "me" this new blog-look really is. For now, just take my word for it.

The new digs come courtesy of Ginger over at Baby Jane Blogs. She's a world-class listener who can take a vague design idea and transform it into exactly what you want with the help of her psychic abilities and natural talent. Go check out her work!

I've still got a couple of New Orleans videos to edit and post, and they'll be surfacing this week.

Stay warm, people!
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