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Monday, February 13, 2006

November 23, 1937

A lot happened on 11/23/37. The Spanish Civil War raged on, Boris Karloff turned 50, Of Mice and Men debuted on Broadway at The Music Box theater, cauliflower sales were stronger than that of some classes of apples, the mighty freight ship Contessa sailed out of New Orleans bound for Havana, Cristobal and Puerto Caberas, and there was a slammin' pre-Christmas dress sale on Dauphine St.

If you started scratching your head after "...cauliflower sales..." then click here or on the accompanying photo for an explanation.

It's simply amazing what you can find under your linoleum these days.

"Holiday for Strings"
The Voices of Walter Schumann
Ultra-Lounge Sampler
Capitol Records, 1996
Buy it and get swingin'! This collection won the Grammy that year for Best Packaging due to it's awesome furry leopard case and inclusion of an olive-shaped coaster! Anything fuzzy and leopard is cool.
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