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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Simple Supper

Spaghetti with pan-fried garlic and pancetta.

- Slice six peeled cloves of garlic uniformly. Sautee in a pan in either unsalted butter or olive oil over a low flame until golden about 6 minutes (don't burn or overcook or else they'll get bitter and burnty). Halfway through, add some chopped pancetta. Or don't, if you're a vegetarian. Remove with slotted spoon to a towel to drain.

- meanwhile, cook spaghetti (I like "thin spaghetti" #9...angel hair isn't strong enough for this).

- drain pasta, toss with butter (not the one you cooked with) or olive oil if you're one of those healthy-types. Add garlic, pancetta and as much freshly grated parmesean cheese as your heart can stand (3-ish tablespoons should do it) and crushed red pepper. I actually use Shichimi Togarashi red pepper mix because it's more finely ground and gives off more flavor than heat.

- top with a sprinkle of parm and chopped fresh parsley. Serves one.


(and don't let me catch you with that powdery stuff in the green can...that's not cheese, people)
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