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Friday, October 27, 2006

OR 360

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I've been absent. I needed some grieve-time. Thanks so much for all the warm wishes and kind condolences--they did not go unnoticed, although they may have gone unanswered.

I'm back now. Feeling a little more together and less weepyshakey. I feel more like myself, but still a little "off". I have been working a great deal to save $$ for the house that we're supposedly purchasing--we've been burned before so I won't believe it until someone hands us the keys. And even then I may not believe it until our first propane bill. Perhaps we can forgo paying for heat if we just set up a yurt in the yard. Have I mentioned the yard? Anyways, the extra work is a nice distraction. Being on vacation is even nicer. 12 hospital-free days. Ahhh...some peace.

The underlying story of this video will have little meaning to non-L&D-nurse-types, so I won't get into it (Dawn, you just wouldn't believe me if I told you...or perhaps you would) but suffice it to say that it shouldn't have happened.

Backround Beeping provided by :
GE / Corometrics Fetal Monitor Model 118
Philips/HP Viridia CMS M1176A or something that looks a heck of a lot like it.

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